Work methodology

We will use the internacional meeting as an opportunity to rehearse models of conflict solution and to exchange successful experiences.

Training classroom

  • Various teams will get to know a basic model for internal negotiation y communication, useful both in relationships of equality and those between employers and employees. Furthermore we will debate about organizational models of the productive society (employers, trade unions, lobbies, clients…)
  • Notes on "guerrilla" communication, or - in other words - how to carry out communication campaigns with scarce resources.
  • Time management, rules of politeness, initiation in international cooperation for knowledge and techniques exchange.
  • The form will be of expositions and debates.

Different strategies workshops

Each team will recount their experiences. Exposition of success cases and posterior debate. Meeting and communication that would initiate exchange of communication channels between participants.

Bring closer national particularities

The teams will explain the realities and working environment of their respective countries. Types of companies and workplaces that leading in the varied economies present in the meeting. One of che objectives is to share and debate, as well express doubts and knowledge.