Approach to the conflict

The conflict: basic analysis, approach of admitting the existence of a crisis, situation of conflict, work methodology

If there’s anything sure in this world, it’s that in every enterprise run by two or more people, sooner or later, may that be in the phase of creation, growth, expansion, or - if everything goes well until then - internationalization; disagreements or misunderstandings between the partners will occur. We shall call it conflict. Organizations that we will have in mind here are those created for the economic gain of their owners, irrespectively of their legal form of organization, which is chosen depending on a series of variables, that we will not address here, for this is not the topic of this article. Limited companies, joint-stock companies, corporations, cooperatives, etc… - all those are certain legal models that entail labour, tax, fiscal and social implications, but there’s no doubt that disagreement may arise in all of them, that - if neglected or badly managed - will repercute their productivity, employee motivation and performance, which can even lead to company’s failure and shutdown. First, we should analyze in general terms the elements that can constitute a risk for a newly created company.

The aim of the project that we are carrying out is to establish a general framework that would define the minimum requirements that would allow the workers to exercise their right to information, consultation and participation in mining sector companies or job centres in the EU. We believe that fulfilling these objectives will contribute to trust fostering and above all - will prevent conflicts among social partners.