Local trainings

From September 2018 till March 2019 were organized 6 local trainings with purpose of multiplying the knowledge and experience acquired through the studies and transnational activities. The trainings were organized on:

17th of September 2018 in Eselnita, Romania

24th of October 2018 in Szklarska Poręba, Poland

21st of December 2018 in Madrid, Spain

23rd of January 2019 in Beograd, Serbia

21st of February 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria

1st of March 2019 r in Bitola, Macedonia

Each meeting lasted 1 day and 20 persons participated in each one. The programs for each study visit were prepared in consultation with the leaders of partnership organizations so were slightly different but during each one of local training conclusions and recommendations from previous international activities were discussed. Furthermore, a questionnaires that had been prepared by an expert from Spain were conducted during the meetings. Local experts also focused on defining employee participation and the scope of its use by the organization with purpose to resolve conflicts. After each panel of the expert lecture, it was organized a moderated discussion, during which the participants could exchange their opinions.