Sofia experts' meeting

On 4th of April in Sofia it took place the international meeting of experts involved in the implementation of the project. During the expert working meeting the results of the studies that were carried out in each country participating in the project were presented. They concerned: the degree of involvement of employees in decision-making process and trust-building in mining industry in Poland, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania and the pattern of interpretation and application of the UE directives regarding the employees involvement in decision-making process in the countries in which those directives has already been transposed. During the meeting were also discussed the recommendations concerning the streamlining of participative procedures in order to establish and facilitate trust-building in mining industry in Europe. The main expert Angel Lozano presented the e-learning platform, its content and use. At the end were discussed both the final publication form which will be presented during the final conference in Malaga and the way of the project results dissemination.