The last international meeting in Malaga

On July 4th in Malaga, the last international meeting within the Project took place. The evaluation of the Project was presented at the final conference – the implemented activities were discussed and the final version of the publication was presented. Afterwards, the project partners evaluated the research results obtained in their countries: ways of implementing the project's conclusions in Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain and Romania were presented. Subsequently, a discussion about the research results and proposed recommendations was held, in which ETUI delegates and experts participated. An interesting topic that was also raised during the conference was " a new scenario for the employee representatives` participation in the mining sector". Introductory lecture and follow - up discussion about decarbonization in Europe as part of combating climate change took place during the meeting. Each delegation explained the degree of trade union and / or employee representatives` involvement in decarbonization process in their countries. The working day ended with a round table discussion - once again, the delegates focused on activities carried out in the project and conclusions drawn from their implementation. The meeting led participants to choose a common position and sign a letter with recommendations addressed directly to the European Commission. The partners expressed willingness to continue the cooperation.