Fostering trust-building
and preventing disputes
among social partners
via engaging in
decision-making process

About the project

Basic information

Project’s beneficiary

Związek Zawodowy Pracowników Przemysłu Miedziowego

Project’s cobeneficiaries

Samostoen Sindikat na Rabotnicite od Energetika, Rudarstvo i Industrija na R. Makedonija

Samostalni Sindikat Radnika Energetike Srbije

Federacja Niezależnych Związków Zawodowych Górników


Zachodnia Izba Gospodarcza

Asociación Industrial, Técnica y de Comercio

Federatia Nationala Mine Energie

Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores de Madrid

Dates of implementation of the project

December 2017 - July 2019

Objetives of the project

The main objective of the project is to increase the social partners’ (trade unions, employees, unaffiliated employees and employers) consciousness about the mutual benefits of workers involvement in the decision making process at company level in the mining sector. Additionally, employees will be equipped with methods, instruments and techniques that will let them get involved in the decision making process at their companies. Another objective of the project is increasing the social partners’ knowledge of the UE regulations and directives, as well as establishing a framework for a constructive dialogue in the mining sector at national and international level.

We are well aware that the business environment and the general situation of the economy can determine most of the strategic decisions taken. The differences in evaluation or interpretation are a perfect breeding ground for social conflicts. Some organizations suffer a lot in the periods of crisis, as the one we lived recently, given that the need to adopt policies of cutbacks, layoffs, inversions, etc., is not agreed on by everyone and this disagreement hampers the decision making processes, paralyzing operations and productivity, or even leading to liquidation , bankruptcy, loss of jobs…
During the meeting, seminars and workshops we will present different models of companies, the UE regulations, the success stories of some organizations and the most efficient strategies of communication harmonization at all company levels.

Investigation and analysis

The investigation will be carried out in the partner countries by experts who will examine the conditions for employees’ participation in the decision making process, as well as current social partners’ relations regarding trust building between them. The praxis of EU directives interpretation and application in partner countries will be analyzed and recommendations for better employees’ involvement in the decision making process will be given.

A questionnaire will be created to allow the participants of the project to detect the needs of the workers in the mining sector regarding their participation (involvement) in the decision making processes at their companies. CSIT UNIÓN PROFESIONAL will be in charge of elaborating the questionnaire. Each partner will then debate the questionnaire’s conclusions during their national workshops. Those debates during national workshops, on results obtained from the questionnaires, will be turned into a concise conclusions report.

E-learning platform

A course and knowledge base concerning the UE regulations and directives in the mining sector at national and international level.


Meetings and seminars agenda

April 2018

Steering Committee meeting in Zawiercie

The participants will debate the objetives of the project, the procedures of its implementation and other foreseen activities.

July 2018

Internacional meeting – round table in Bucharest

The experts and the representatives of the organizations participating in the project (representatives of the partner organizations included) will develop the methods to be used to conduct the local workshops in every participating country. Additionally, the experts will present the results of the studies carried out in their respective countries.

August 2018 - February 2019

Local workshops

"Multiplying of Knowledge and Experience acquired in the course of international Investigation and Activities". Local workshops will be carried out in each of the six participating countries. Their duration will be of one day and the number of participants will be 20.

April 2019

Experts’ meeting in Sofía

The local experts from all of the participating countries will exchange the final results of their studies and share information used to prepare the final publication.

April - June 2019

Experts recommended by the European Trade Unions Institute (ETUI) will carry put comparative analysis of the investigation results and prepare the final publication.

July 2019

Final conference

Debate on the results of the project. Presentation of the final publication and exchange of acquired experiences. Main conclusions debated with representatives of the EC and experts invited by ETUI.


Sofia experts' meeting

Local trainings

Meeting in Bucharest

Approach to the conflict

Methodology of work

Meeting in Zawiercie